When your life is hectic, Fetch Dog Resort is here to give your dog some extra special love and attention.


We have been providing unconditional love for 15 years through puppy training, doggy daycare and sleepovers. 

While our website offers many details about our services, there's just no substitute for the personal Fetch Experience.


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Puppy Training



Raising a puppy is challenging, hard work and very time consuming. At Fetch Dog Resort, we do all the training, fix the challenges and let you love the results. You get to enjoy the fun parts of having a puppy, like puppy kisses. Fetch Dog Resort is the puppy training specialist in the Zionsville and West Carmel areas. 

We are currently experiencing high demand for our training. It may be 3-4 weeks before we can get your puppy started. We highly recommend starting them in our doggy daycare. This will help you have a tired puppy that will sleep through the night. They will also learn good social skills, build confidence and be comfortable away from home should you ever need to board your puppy at Fetch. 

Please call for availability (317) 491-3535


doggy daycare



No more guilt about leaving your dog home alone all day or coming home to an over active dog with pent up energy. A few days a week in doggy daycare can really change your dog's life and yours. Fetch Dog Resort offers 5 indoor play areas for the lucky few dogs we care for each day. They get to play with their friends all day in our climate controlled play rooms filled with toys and bones. You get a relaxing evening.


This service is for existing fetch clients only


Home Away From Home

We know leaving for vacation or that business trip can be a stressful time for you, but it doesn't have to be for your dog. At Fetch Dog Resort, the handful of dogs that sleep over get the all-inclusive treatment. Doggy daycare, hourly potty walks and plush bedding are just part of the Fetch Experience.