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the fetch doggy daycare experience

Providing Unconditional Love Since 2006

We have been providing unconditional love to dogs of Zionsville and Carmel for 16 years. Your dog's day will consist of playtime with their friends, hourly potty walks, a lunchtime snack followed by more playtime. 

With five play areas, we can find the right buddies for your pup. The puppies and small dogs have their special playrooms designed with pint-sized toys, beds and bones. The big kids have their own dedicated spaces too with raised water bowls and lots of big kid toys and bones for gigantic fun. The Fetch Lounge is perfect for senior dogs that just want to sit back and watch the action from the sofa.

Doggy Daycare

small group play all day



No more guilt about leaving your dog home alone all day or coming home to an over active dog with pent up energy. A few days a week in doggy daycare can really change your dog's life and yours too. Fetch Dog Resort offers 5 indoor play areas for the lucky few dogs we care for each day. They get to play with their friends all day in our climate controlled play rooms filled with toys and bones. You get a relaxing evening.

Fetch lobby

let's get started

Call to schedule your first visit

Please provide proof of vaccines on your first visit. Puppies need to have two rounds of vaccines prior to joining in the fun. 

Drop off is between 7-9am. Pickup by 6p is $40

Give us a call at 317-491-3535 to set up your dog's first visit.

doggy daycare playroom
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